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    Then the biggest possibility is to find a lower world that has never been discovered before. This lower world is similar to humans, their perception of each other is quite similar, this is a better thing. my mind, "First of all, I will find a way to revive others myself. After I find it, I will go to the Holy City system and use their life portals to constantly search for space usable until I find something that is compatible with my life. After finding the lower limit of human occurrence and habitat, write down the space-time coordinates of this dimension. Then return to the previous dimension through the life portal, which is the world where Encore and the others came back to life. After Feng Shuyi and the others came back to life, then, solve like this for them and find someone who is willing to cooperate with me to reproduce. If not, I will find someone else. This should not be troublesome. After my child is born, I will take it to a suitable world, throw it into such a world, let it slowly grow, after doing all this, we can start trying to absorb this Roja, which is composed of all Roja broken souls. given by everyone."

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    Okay, I'll do my best. Wang Han said seriously, then under Keles's lead, Wang Han passed through some six-bladed worlds, and he successfully reached the surface of the World Tree. Standing on the smooth surface of the tree branch, Vuong Han raised his head and looked from the inside, unable to see the border at all, or even the smallest leaf of the World Tree which was larger than his entire Van Co Tri. and Penglaijia formerly. It looked huge, and Wang Han certainly couldn't count how many leaves the World Tree had. As for the university where Keles was located, this school was even more magnificent, like a super country standing on the leaf. For a moment, Vuong Han had the illusion that he was shrinking endlessly inside. When he actually entered this country, Vuong Han discovered that there were really many students here, as crowded as ants. .

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    That's right, Star Sea Behemoth is just a generic name. The reason it is called that is because they are normally very large in size. After all, in this unexplored Star Sea, size is no longer necessary. . Considering things, the larger the body, the higher the ability to resist danger, such as being injured, swallowing small planets to replenish energy, this is very convenient. Keles spoke in the most comfortable tone.

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    "It's only been more than twenty thousand years!" Keles's face showed surprise. "I always thought that Mr. Vuong Han had lived at least a million years, but looking at him now, he really looks young!"

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    After Diep Lam finished speaking here, Feng Tian also immediately checked the spiritual energy in his body. The result was exactly as Ye Lin said, the spiritual energy was completely undetectable, and the overall fighting power was compared to before. weaken. at least 70%! This is a kind of thing that makes people scared and desperate. You must know that this kind of thing is very difficult to practice! 300,000 years, on the surface it doesn't say, but I gradually achieved it, but now after I came to this place, all of this has returned to the previous level of only 30% of the combat power! How is the situation? ! Feng Tian was completely incomprehensible, he immediately fixed his eyes on Feng Shuyi's mother next to him.

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    After speaking, he left, just like Qianqian before, as soon as he spoke, he left, without saying a word to anyone else, leaving the three people in the room with a little girl looking at each other, no one knew what had happened. What. At this time, Feng Shuyi couldn't help but say: "This woman named Isabelle spoke so fast that I didn't even have time to ask what the relationship between him and Wang Han was. She just left, otherwise we probably would have learned something related to Wang Han from her, so if you tell Qian Qian about it, maybe Qian Qian can find out how Wang Han left that year... Maybe you can chase followed Wang Han's footsteps and continued to go out.

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    Vuong Han directly wiped out the life of the beast in the cage, then dragged the beast's body to Cetaphil who was still being forced to sleep. Then, without waiting for him to do anything, Cetafe woke up directly from him. He stood up directly from his sleepiness, then under Wang Han's eyes, a child the size of a palm crawled towards the monster's body. Vuong Han did not stop her actions. He could see that her red eyes were full of hostility. When Cetaphil climbed directly onto the animal's body, she opened her mouth and immediately start biting, little by little. skin of this animal, and continued to swallow the raw meat of this animal directly into the stomach.

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    "Sir, why should we help them?" Cetafe on the spaceship asked this question suspiciously. From her perspective, Anke and the others are a bunch of useless trash. Normally this type of trash is ignored. If they can do it, they can do it Okay. Okay, if it doesn't work, forget it. After all, there are many formations that are the worst people like this, why waste time on these people, the key is that Vuong Han doesn't look like a good person at all, so Even though she knew there were some things she shouldn't ask, she couldn't help but mention them.

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    "So it's like this... I asked the spaceship database before, they don't know much about the Xiandu community." Cetaphil nodded involuntarily.

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    It took two thousand years to passively and stupidly learn the fighting rules of the national emblem for one second, and then be able to control this fighting rule... Now it looks so silly and adorable.

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    No, I don't have much to do on my own, and I don't know how many years I haven't tried to learn new talents. After putting the symbol of the Heart of Temple on her wrist, Wang Xiaowan stood up. When she stood up, the fishing rod was quietly stacked on the fishing rack next to her. She looked at Feng Shuyi who was still sitting in the storm, "Please come in and sit down." go. This period will last about a month or two. The weather on this planet is like this." 190 out of 200 days of the year are in such a state of heavy rain, so it's not because you come that it suddenly rains, but because it itself is a melancholy little planet, just like Rain likes to cry. "

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    What should we do in the future? Should we continue to stay in the temple system or choose to leave like Aunt Qianqian, and we go to other systems to learn other talents? Feng Tian looked at Ye Lin curiously. There are some thoughts, or maybe he and Qian Qian still have some similarities, that is, he also wants to see what kind of person his father is, stories about him, Vuong Han or stories about his father Anke Or everyone else has said the same thing. bragging, in their eyes, his father is omnipotent... So in this situation, Feng Tian naturally wants to see his father who he hasn't seen for half a million years, and after meeting him, he will also not harsh. In other words, a child born to a group of young couples will be raised by the whole group, so that the child can receive a wider environment. What he wanted most was to see how his father did all this, or could anyone really endure the endless darkness and loneliness?

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    "Do not have." Vuong Han said casually, smiling at Keles. After seeing the slight disappointment in Keles's eyes, he immediately said: "I came here because of a battle problem, so right now my body is I have a bit of a memory disorder, and I can't remember many things. This is also in the process of searching for these memories. Of course, if you are free here, if you can help me understand this world, That's great, I think we'll become good friends too."

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    As for the actual process, Vuong Han took this small thing to find the manager of the Maya system. After chatting a few words, he confirmed that there was no problem, Vuong Han was the person protecting this small thing on the road. Legal status, moreover, there are no parents here, the concept of giving birth and raising a child in most cases is two people, this according to Vuong Han's initial thoughts is very difficult to understand, everyone will want to keep it. his child under background conditions. souls Natural instincts are like animals, and sometimes there will be quarrels because of their surnames. But considering that they are no longer based on individuals, they are based on a group... Regardless of yours or mine, they are all groups... It is no surprise that this situation occurs.

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    The world has completely returned to quiet, except for dead things, no living things can be seen anymore. And the World Devourer having completed this, he returned to the dimension satisfied. For it, there was no need to destroy the world next to it, but the breath in the dimension that had entered the torn sky. In that world, if you don't come to this world, then there is no way to collect all the scattered breath, and in the end there is no way to condense into such a complete breath crystallization. But whether or not breath can be condensed into crystals is the most important method to judge whether the world will be completely devoured or not. After all, judging through breath can be wrong, but just breath The last breath condenses into crystal, this breath is fine. It represents the amount of breathing. No problem, it can be directly deduced that there will not be any strong people in this world who can escape his detection. After all, these strong men must have aura in their bodies. For normal people, life will more or less have some breath entering the body, but their strength is very weak, and they can easily be directly destroyed.

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    "Favor." Vuong Han nodded, he could understand what Keles said in the second half, but in front there was a trace of doubt, "You said that most of the formations must come from the Golden Clan." The world to collect breath, so you spirit people don't need to use this? Where does your breath come from?"

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    “This girl is obsessed with what she eats?” Wang Han was also surprised when Keles pulled him away.

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    Ordinary people with S-level strength can be happy, but for Vuong Han, this S-level is just the beginning, what he has to do is not only something he has to do alone, but also has to do it alone. Return directly as before. world , to directly restore the world previously destroyed by the World Devourer.

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    Vuong Han definitely won't let it continue to float in the sea of stars like this, it's too cold and emotionless, but now he doesn't ask anything, the girl doesn't say anything, the two of them are closest In one of the rooms. These planets are so rich and terrifying, with beautiful mountains and clear water, birds singing and fragrant flowers, all kinds of beautiful animals jumping among the mountains and forests. Vuong Han finally threw this body into the ground and created it. out a Roja What people will do is let the corpse rest in the ground, where did it come from and where will it go in the end.

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    Now she really wanted to call the people at Wanguchi TV, "Tell me the world is about to end here, and then can you fast forward?"